Penguins in Alaska is a semi-hardcore PvX guild. Our primary focus is to facilitate communication between members and organize events to thoroughly enjoy Guild Wars 2.

Why “Penguins in Alaska”? There are no penguins in Alaska.

Our guild name, Penguins in Alaska, began as a joke band name of the core members. It was the first name that came to mind while listening to Chiodos’, “There Are No Penguins in Alaska”.

When did the guild get it’s start and where is it going?

Penguins in Alaska originally began as Dune Jackals in 2005 with the launch of Guild Wars. The guild experienced dynamic amounts of members throughout the years. The core members still remain and once again have time to focus on the guild.

Sounds interesting; what are the requirements for joining?

Technically, none. As long as you aren’t a jerk, you may join. We do not have a repping policy, but those who represent more are preferred. A full list of rules is available on the forums.